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How to optimize your Spotify profile & get more streams!

With 60.000 songs uploaded EVERY SINGLE DAY on Spotify, it is fundamental that your channel is optimized so that you can get the streams that you deserve.

Before you start pitching your song to Spotify's editorial and user-created playlists, you need to make sure that your profile is looking professional, attractive and catchy. This is how can you optimize your Spotify profile with your Spotify For Artists account in few quick steps:

optimize spotify profile

1 - Use only professional pictures and banners

Especially at the beginning of your music career, avoid using logos as people want to put a face to the music they hear. Professional and high quality profile pictures and banners show that you have put some thought in your creative strategy and that you are serious about your project. Make sure that you get your images set up in the right formats and in high definition as nobody likes to see blurry images.

2 - Have a unique artist bio

You might be thinking "Nobody actually reads artists bio" but the truth is that industry people (like me) do this every single day. I agree that maybe the final fan might not read you biography, however trust me when I say that promoters, labels, curators and music industry professionals still read them. I suggest to keep your bio sweet and short, including important milestones like previous releases, gigs, music influences and background. Remember, your narrative is everything!

3 - Include your social media links

In order to convert a simple listener to a fan, you must drive your streams to your social media platforms. Why? Again, because people want to connect with you on a deeper level and they want to know more about you and your life. By adding your links to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, you are also making it easy for curators to have more info about you right away.

4 - Create your own playlists

Having your own playlists is a great way to promote your music and to have a more complete Spotify profile. I always suggest creating "mood-playlists" that people can relate to and add your tracks at the top. Spotify curators love to see that you are active and that you can bring people to their platform (especially if you run ads to your playlists)

5 - Add your gigs

Last but not least, you can add your upcoming gigs to the tab "Concert" on your Spotify For Artists profile. This is again a great way to increase the interests of both curators and listeners as they can see that you are active outside the digital space.

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