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music marketing & beyond ebook.

ebook music marketing and beyond terry martini dutnall

Social media strategy, branding, DSPs growth & influencer marketing for musicians.

Struggling to grow as a musician and getting your music heard? Have you literally tried every marketing strategy but nothing seems effective?

As there is so much information out there on how to promote yourself and your sound, I have decided to put my more than a decade experience and knowledge of the music industry into this e-book so that you can get a real fanbase and save time for what you actually love doing: creating music.

Thanks to several spreadsheets and free resources, the aim of this e-book is to guide you through 3 fundamental steps of your music promotion journey: getting started, creating a marketing strategy and putting it into action.

Chapters include:
- Social media marketing
- Ads set up on Meta, TikTok and Google Ads
- Spotify, Apple Music & Bandcamp promotion
- Influencer marketing
- Radio, PR, merchandise, collaborations & other promotional channels

Get seen, get heard!


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