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Why nobody is listening to your last release.

After months of hard work in the studio, hours and hours of edits, mixing and mastering, your new masterpiece is finally out on all platforms. Once you track is released, you find yourself constantly refreshing your Spotify For Artists page only to find out that literally NOBODY is listening to your music except your mum and your best friend.

The harsh reality is that with more than 60k tracks released on Spotify every single day, you are not only competing with thousands and thousands of artists worldwide, but you are also competing against musicians and record labels who invest millions in marketing.

music marketing struggles

There could be many reasons why your song did not take off so let's analyse the most common reasons why nobody is listening to your release.

Nobody knows that you released a song

Simply uploading your song on your distribution service and expecting that people will listen to it once it gets published is simply not realistic anymore. Each track is unique and therefore needs a unique and solid marketing strategy on a multi channel level.

You are not investing money in ads

Investing a budget in META, TikTok and Youtube ads to direct your followers to your music streaming platforms is fundamental nowadays and the cheapest way to target the right audience. Unfortunately, expecting to reach a wide audience organically will not bring you far, so make sure that you always plan a small ad-budget.

You are not creating engaging content

Investing time and energy in creating engaging and entertainment content for your social media is something that every single artist should do in 2023. Reels, TikToks, Shorts and Youtube Videos are a great way to connect with your audience so go behind the camera and get creative!

Your streaming platforms are not optimized

The best way to shoot yourself in the foot is to neglect your Spotify and Apple Music pages. A bad profile picture, a blurred banner and a poorly written bio will simply push listeners away.

Your music is just not good enough

Yes, your music is possibly not good enough. It is extremely difficult to be objective with your own songs especially after investing tears, hard work and your own money. Make sure that before releasing your song you run it with music industry professionals and ask for feedback.

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