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How to choose the perfect brand colour for your music industry project

Updated: Apr 24

92% of consumers acknowledge visual appearance as the most persuasive marketing factor overall. Picking the right brand colours can improve brand recognition and sets your brand apart and enhances its visibility, making it easily distinguishable from competitors.

Furthermore, colours trigger emotions and associations in buyers' minds. Opting for the appropriate color can effectively communicate the desired mood or message of your brand, all of this while growing a stronger bond with your audience.

Did you notice that whenever you think of a certain music brand, you immediately connect a colour? If I say "Spotify" you will probably think about a very strong green, while if I mention "Apple Music" the first colour that will come to your mind is red: this is the power of branding.

music industry branding colours

So which brand colour should you pick for your music industry project? In general I always recommend to pick two colours: the first one will be your main identity while the second one can be used as an accent. Either way, it is very important that your colours are used everywhere including:



social media

email marketing

advertising & more

music videos


A great way to find the perfect colour palette is for example by using palette generators like Canva and Palette Generator.

Let's explore further the influence that each color has on individuals.

Blue: trust, professionalism, calm, reliability.

music industry branding blue: warner music bandcamp pandora

Green: growth, harmony, sustainability.

music industry branding green spotify beatport

Orange: creativity, fun, enthusiasm, cheerfulness.

music industry branding orange: imusician soundcloud the orchard

Yellow: happiness, warmth, optimism

music industry branding yellow: amsterdam dance event, radio 105

Red:: energy, passion, excitement

music industry branding red: rolling stone, apple music, sony music

Purple: creativity, mystery, uniqueness.

music industry branding purple: dezeer, tomorrowland

Black: elegance, power, authority, luxury.

music industry branding black: cdbaby, billboard, ditto


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