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How to get added to Spotify editorial playlists in 2024.

Editorial playlists are still considered the "holy grail" for many artists who want to reach thousand and thousand of fans on Spotify on a global scale. In fact, being added on New Music Friday or another niche playlists could really change a musician's career thanks to a wide pool of music enthusiasts who are just looking to find their favourite new artist. So what should you do in order to be added on one of those Spotify playlists? Keep reading to find out how to be added to Spotify editorial playlists in 2024.

spotify playlist new music friday

First of all, what are editorial playlists?

A Spotify editorial playlist is a curated collection of songs created and maintained by Spotify's in-house editorial team. These playlists are designed to showcase music across various genres, moods, and themes, with the goal of helping users discover new and popular tracks. Spotify's editorial team consists of music experts, editors, and curators who carefully select and organise songs based on their quality, relevance, and current trends.

How to send your track

The only way to send your next release to Spotify's editorial team is through Spotify for Artists. You can only claim your artist profile once you have released your first song through a music distribution service, this should take only couple of days. The next step is to fill out the dedicated form at least 7 days before release day, 2 weeks would be even better!

Be specific about your song's details

Playlist curators are literally bombarded with thousands and thousands of songs every day, so you need to be extremely specific about the type of sound you have created. In fact, curators already have in mind what type of vibe they are looking for their playlists so ensure that your form is niched down and that it matches the actual song.

Define your marketing plan

In your Spotify for artist form, you can add a short text where you can pitch your song and underline why it should be picked by curators. Here, I highly suggest to include few lines about your overall marketing strategy, like your marketing budget, advertisement strategy, influencer support and media coverage. Anything that is relevant to your promotion should be added here.

Optimize your Spotify page

Your profile picture and your banner are your business cards on Spotify as first impressions do matter. Ensure that you are using the right formats and high quality images only. Don't forget to update your artist bio and include your links to your other social media platforms.

Create a buzz on social media

Curators like to invest in artists who will bring them more listeners on the platform. The more attention your music gets, the more likely it is to catch the ear of Spotify's editorial team. Post consistent good quality content and you are half way there!

Build your Spotify presence

Investing some money in ads that redirect users to your Spotify page, song or playlist is a great way to show Spotify curators that you are serious about your career and that you will be driving users to their platform.

Make sure your music is good

Ultimately, curators will only pick music that is relevant and that has been recorded professionally. Remember, there is no marketing strategy that can save a poorly recorded track.

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