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8 Creative Ways to Support Musicians Beyond Purchasing Their Music

Many musicians face financial challenges, especially independent or emerging artists. Purchasing music, concert tickets, and merchandise contributes directly to their income, helping them sustain their careers.

However, there are several other ways to support your favourite artists without paying a single penny that are still super effective.

I have created a quick list of 8 creative ways to support musicians beyond purchasing their music so make sure you spread the voice by sharing this article on social media. The more people follow these tips, the more your favourite musicians will feel supported and valued.

how to support musicians

1 - Spotify / Apple Music playlists

If a song is added to several playlist, Spotify and Apple Music will reward the artist by pushing their music to new audiences.

2 - Stories, reels and TikToks

Using an artist's song in your stories, reels and TikTok is a great way to spread the voice about their music with your friends and followers

3 - Promotional trailers and videos

If you own a business, you could use your favourite artist's song in your trailers and promotional videos. Just make sure that you have the correct rights to do so.

4 - Wear their merchandise

This is particularly good for branding and to get their name in front of thousands.

5 - Interact on social media

Saving, sharing, liking and commenting on their posts will help their engagement to grow together with their visibility.

6 - Vlogging and podcasts

If you run your own vlog and podcast, you could include their music in your trailers, intro, outro and in the background

7 - Play their music on public

If you own or work in a shop, restaurant and bar, you could play their latest release: people Shazam songs all the time and this could help them to be heard by the right people.

8 - Support with your services

Last but not least, you could support by using your skills and professional expertise. Are you a graphic designer? You could create their new album cover. Are you a photographer? Offer them a photoshoot. Are you a copywriter? Write their press release.

I truly hope that these tips were helpful! Another great way for you to support artists is to gifting them my new marketing book for musicians: here they can learn everything and more about promoting themselves and their music. DOWNLOAD MY EBOOK ON AMAZON

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