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The power of TikTok for musicians: How to get maximum exposure and go viral.

Love it or hate it, TikTok is THE place to be if you are a musician in 2024. Even though many of us thought that the Chinese social media platform was only going to last for the duration of the pandemic to entertain bored people in lockdown, things have turned out quite differently. TikTok is still one of the fastest growing social platforms with 1 billion users worldwide. If you think that TikTok is just silly dances and lip syncs you couldn’t be more wrong. In fact, most global charts feature artists that break through on TikTok and this is where many record labels scout for new talent. 

TikTok musicians marketing

Many artists literally became famous overnight thanks to TikTok. Think about Lil Nas X and Doja Cat; their success is closely related to the use of the Chinese social media. 

On the other hand, artists who already had an audience were able to skyrocket their fame and gain even more popularity. One of the most heard songs ever, ‘Blinding Lights’ by The Weeknd, became a global sensation thanks to TikTok which made it go viral in a few days. Same goes for “Driver’s License” by Olivia Rodrigo. 

So how can musicians leverage TikTok to get maximum exposure and go viral in 2024?

1 - Make sure your music is actually on TikTok

Having your music available on TikTok's official library is the first step you need to take. This can only be done through your record label (if you have one) or by uploading your song with a music distribution platform like CDBaby, Ditto, TuneCore, The Orchard and many others. I suggest that you pick a 15 - 30 seconds snippet with the most catchy part of your song.

2 - Create relatable videos

If you feel like you want to give it a try, keep in mind that you are not forced to record funny dances. Instead you should use the platform in your own way and make sure that your personality and your values really come across. Make your brand recognisable and ensure that your content is relatable. 

A good strategy is to create simple portrait videos where you add text that refers to your song; what inspired you, the story behind it and how this can engage with your audience. If your song is relatable people will jump on it and start using it to create their own content. 

3 - Follow a trend

Another example of how to get your music to go viral is to use a current trend and make it yours. Research hashtags, see what could fit with your song, make it your own and get creative! 

4 - Duets

Duets are also a fun way to get your music heard. Collaborate with artists in your niche and make it fun for people to watch. This way you will both benefit from each other’s audience and gain new fans quickly. 

5 - Work with content creators

In case you feel like you don’t want to create your own content simply because you are too shy or because you do not have the actual time to record videos, I recommend that you work side by side with content creators. Content creators and influencers are professionals whose job and/or passion is creating cool videos and coming up with creative ideas. 

6 - Get an artist verification!!!

You can now get verified as an artist on TikTok and I highly recommend you do so ASAP. You can apply at THIS LINK . Having your TikTok account verifired will allow you to activate a music tab to promote your music, pin your videos to the top of the sound detail page and much more!


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