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The harsh reality about Spotify

Updated: Jun 5, 2023

If you are a musician trying to get your streams up on Spotify, keep reading...

With an average of 60.000 tracks uploaded on Spotify each DAY, (or 22 million per year), you are literally competing with hundreds of thousands of other artists on a worldwide level, every single day (yep, including Dua Lipa & Ed Sheeran).

spotify marketing

This can be extremely intimidating, demotivating and discouraging. Very often, artists believe that their music is different, innovative, fresh and fun. This is probably true, however you should always keep in mind that every day you are fighting for a slice of the cake against labels and musicians who already have a very big fanbase and invest millions in music marketing.

So why bother?

We live in a fantastic era for musicians: it has never been so easy to create, distribute and promote new music to a global audience! With a simple click from your bedroom, you can literally be listened on the other side of the world almost instantly. The digital era has changed the rules of the music game and with its fast-pacing rhythm, it has become necessary to do your homework in order to maximise your efforts and ultimately to be heard.

spotify music marketing

What can you do to improve your streams?

  1. First of all, ensure that the quality of the music you are putting out is outstanding. Nobody wants to listen to badly recorded songs, so make sure you invest in a good producer and mastering.

  2. Secondly, use Spotify's pitch to let the editorial team know why they should listen to you and why they should ultimately include your song in their playlists.

  3. Invest in quality content: videos, artworks, pictures. Make sure you have a cohesive look and that it reflects your target audience

  4. Invest in ads and influencers. Like any other business, unfortunately you need to invest money to make money. So set up a strong ad campaign, talk to industry relevant influencers and I guarantee that your streams will go up.


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