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Artists, this is why you are not growing on social media...

Social media growth is definitely one of the most requested services by artists here at Beyond Music Promotion. It doesn't matter what platform you are struggling with, if you are not growing on social media it's because you are probably making at least one of the following mistakes...

Social Media Growth for Artists

1 - You are not consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to social media growth. It does not matter if you can only post twice a week or every single day, what is fundamental is that your content flows regularly. Most social media platforms in fact reward creators who constantly put out new content while penalise those who post once in a while and then disappear. Be realistic on how much time you can dedicate to social media every week and start planning your social activities in advance as this will help you being more productive and consistent.

2 - Your bio is too vague

Your bio is one of the most important pieces of real estate in the social media world, however too often I see bios that are unclear and cryptic. Think about your bio as your business card and make sure that it includes SEO friendly keywords as those will help the different algorithms to categorize your page and therefore to push your content out to the right audience. Double check that all your links and contact details are working and use a profile picture that actually shows your face.

3 - You are not posting enough video content

If "content is king", video content must be an emperor! Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook and Youtube favour video content as this can be easily pushed to new audiences, especially if it is produced in a short format like a Reel. You as an artist have the great luck to have an incredibly visually rich type of "product", so get behind your decks / mic / instrument and press record. In the beginning it can be difficult especially if you are not used to the camera, however I promise that with time you will get more and more comfortable and confident!

4 - You are over-selling

Please stop asking people to download your latest track or to check out your new Youtube video as this strategy simply does not work. It is ok to promote your latest release, however try to keep your selling posts to maximum 20% of your overall strategy.

Social media is still all about what people can get from you, not about what you can get from people. Would you watch a movie where every 5 minutes there is an ad? Probably not.

musician social media

5 - You are not engaging with your audience

It does not matter if you have 300 or 300.000 followers: engaging with your community it is one of the most important aspects that you must improve in 2023. Answering comments and DMs is one of the best things that you can do to show the algorithm that you are active and consistent. Also, people love to get a feedback ;)

6 - You are using watermarked content from other platforms

Crossposting your content is a brilliant way to save time however, the moment you post a TikTok watermarked video on Instagram your reach will drop instantly and your video will not be shown to your audience and neither to new users. Ensure that you always post original and not-watermarked videos and pictures and you will not be penalised!

7 - You stories are boring

Stories are the best way to keep your current audience interested and engaged. As this type of content disappears after 24 hours, you can really get creative and post things that you would not share on your grid. Make sure you show some behind the scenes and that you add interactive stickers like polls, open question boxes and sliders: the more you get your followers to click, the more the rest of your content will appear on their feeds.

8 - Your audio is not good enough

As music is your specialty, you want your audio to be spot on every single time: whenever you record a new piece of content, I would recommend to use either a microphone or a very good camera so that your audio is flawless and high quality. Nobody likes to listen to a badly recorded video (especially if it comes from a musician) :-)


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