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Social media metrics made super simple!

What are social media metrics and why should you care?

If you have been posting on social media or if you have a website, you probably saw that there are different type of metrics that you should consider depending on your current goal. A metric, is a numeric data that defines your performance from different point of views. If you hate numbers and they just give you headache, this is how you can analyse if your social media strategy is going in the right direction within minutes.

Social Media Metrics
Social Media Metrics

Awareness & Growth

The first stage of your customer journey is #awareness: your first goal should be to be seen as much as possible by potential customers. At this point, your main goal should be growth. These are the 3 most important metrics to consider:

  • Reach: the number of unique users that saw your post/video/story

  • Impressions: how many times your post/video/story was shown to different users (this number is normally higher than reach as different pieces of content can be shown to the same user)

  • And yes, followers!


This second phase of your marketing funnel is all about getting a deeper type of connection with your audience. As they already know your brand, now it's time to get them closer and start communicating directly with them. So what metrics should you check to ensure that your audience is #engaging with your content?

  • In order of importance: Likes, comments, shares & saves (with "likes" being the "easiest type of engagement" to "saves" as the strongest one)

  • DMs: are people writing you in private? This is a VERY good sign that you are going in the right direction. It takes a lot for people to write a personal message so, if they do so, make sure to answer asap and provide assistance in case it's needed.

  • Actions on interactive posts and stories: answering polls, open question boxes and quizzes is a strong type of #engagement.


Depending on your business goal, #converting your audience is the final step of your funnel:

  • Sales: if your goal is to sell a product or a service, #sales are a very good indicator that you are directing the right people to your website

  • Traffic: if your goal is to get people to your blog for example, #traffic is what you should be looking for

  • Subscribers: if your goal is to get new #subscribers to your newsletter, make sure to keep an eye on this metric.

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