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How to grow your artist Youtube channel in 2023

YouTube can be one of the most difficult platforms to grow, especially for artists and musicians. Check out my top 5 hacks to increasing followers and video views on Youtube:

Youtube growth for artists

1 - Use Youtube shorts

Shorts are YouTube’s version of Instagram Reels. Lately I have seen amazing results by using this format as it looks like Youtube’s algorithm is really pushing for shorter content on the platform. Youtube is still mainly about long-form content, however I highly recommend to use Shorts like you would use a reel. Add tags, SEO friendly captions and you will see amazing results.

2 - Create engaging content

I might sound repetitive, however content is still king, also on Youtube. Some great examples of perfect content for musicians can be an acoustic version of your song, a cover or a DJ set. The more creative you are, the better results you will see as Youtube really promotes uniqueness (as this is what keeps people on the platform)

3 - High audio quality

Ensure your audio quality is perfect: nobody wants to watch a badly recorded video (especially if this is done by a musician). Invest in a good microphone and start recording!

youtube optimisation

4 - Run ads

Like any other platform, Youtube is there to make money. Discovery ads can be a great tool if set up with proper targeting. If you need support setting up your Youtube ads feel free to get in touch at and I will get back to you within 24 hours.

5 - Engage with your community

Answer comments under your videos and engage with similar pages on a daily basis. Networking is still the best way to create a solid community that shares similar interests.

Even though you might put in action every single point listed above, please remember that Youtube is NOT a fast growing platform (unless of course you invest a lot of money in ads), however consistency is key so make sure that you keep pushing out content multiple times a week.

Ideally try to post 1 long form video per week (pick the best day according to your insights) and 2-3 shorts per week. Your artist Youtube channel will grow!

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Mar 02

I would like to know more about the 2nd paragraph of your article. Can you please tell me how I can improve my videos? I'm thinking about editing each video with but I have no experience in it, maybe you can write a separate blog about it?

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