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5 Video content ideas for introvert artists

Updated: Jul 3, 2023

Video content is here to stay! Creating both short and long-form videos is the best way to reach new audiences on social media, however I am aware that many artists would rather get tortured than do a lip-syncing video, a silly dance or even just show their face on camera.

Here we go with my top 5 content ideas for introvert artists:

content idea introvert artist

1 - Create a voiceover reel or TikTok showing some behind the scenes

If you are too shy to be in front of the camera, voiceovers are the perfect content idea as you can showcase different aspects of your life while adding your voice in the background and include a cool narration of what people are watching. I suggest that you have a little script to follow so that you can avoid getting lost with words while recording.

2 - Create a mini tutorial on how you produce your song

Also in this case, there is no need to show your face but you can either focus on your instrument, a pen and paper (if you are writing your own lyrics) or your laptop (if you are a producer).

This is a perfect way for teasing your fans about your new release. Make it fun and ask your followers to give advice on wording, chords and production softwares to increase engagement!

3 - Do an image montage

An image montage is a a combination of several photographs joined together for a fun and easy to create effect. The cool aspect is that you can showcase whatever you want and you can add one of your tunes in the background. Add some text as well to help contextualise your video and watch your video growing!

Music Video Introvert Artist

4 - Ask a content creator to use your track in their video

This technique falls into the "influencer marketing" category and it can cost you a bit of money: research content creators in your niche and ask them to use one of your releases to produce their next video content. You can even create a "collaboration" post on Instagram to join forces and gain new followers!

5 - Use a funny meme about your industry / niche and add your track in the background

Even though memes can be quite silly, they are still one of the best way to reach new audiences as many people can relate with them.

Find something fun connected to your industry like for example "producers problems" or "musician struggles", make it yours, add your name to it and add your latest track. Make sure you tag relevant memes pages as they can really help you pushing this type of content to their audiences.

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